Transactional mail pieces such as invoices and statements are a necessity for many businesses, and accuracy is key. Microdynamics Group offers a way to transform this necessity into an opportunity — making routine transactional communications more useful and valuable. And we do this with our high level of attention to detail and accuracy.

We offer invoice and statement printing that goes beyond ordinary business communications. Our approach is that of a proactive advisor, helping you to make the very most of every point of contact you have with your customers.

Outsourcing your invoice printing to Microdynamics has several benefits for your business. Our invoice printing, statement printing and mailing services give you more options without having to buy and maintain special high-speed printing equipment — options like full color, spot color, MICR and more. Plus, we are ready to suggest ways to increase your interactions with your customers with each and every routine mailing.

With our invoice and statement printing and mailing services, Microdynamics aims to not only take a routine task off your hands so you’re able to work more effectively internally, but also collaborate with you on finding new opportunities in the necessity of transactional mailings.

Transactional mail is almost always opened — unlike direct mail pieces which face a tougher audience. Microdynamics is the right partner to assist you in creating transactional correspondence that also builds brand loyalty and informs your existing customers about new products or services that can benefit them. Contact us today to find out more about how outsourcing these important printing and mailing jobs can be a great decision from a marketing standpoint, too.